Watch: Massive Groups of Illegals Invading Texas City Every Day “Like Clockwork”

Coordinated river crossings happening daily at border hotspot

Image Credits: Screenshot / Twitter / Bill Melugin.

Huge groups of illegal aliens have been crossing the Rio Grande into Eagle Pass, Texas, every day “like clockwork,” according to reports.

More than 2,000 migrants have crossed the border river at the same spot in the last eight days alone, authorities told Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin.

Melugin, who has been on the ground in Eagle Pass, has shared a slew of shocking videos showing groups of over 100 illegals entering the U.S. by water with the help of human smugglers.

“The biggest group we’ve seen so far just crossed illegally into Eagle Pass, TX. Several hundred. Many had already crossed before I started recording. This is now the 6th day in a row we’ve seen a massive group cross here in the late AM hours,” he reported on Monday.

Melugin also shared drone footage of the same group wading across the Rio.

“This has happened here every day in the last week. A TX soldier tells us there have been 2,000+ crossings in this specific spot in last 8 days,” he noted.

Melugin has shared similar videos and photos from the region on a daily basis and has indicated the groups may be growing larger.

“Like clockwork, this is the fifth day in a row we have seen a group of this size cross here in late AM hours,” Melugin reported on Sunday.

Chaos unfolds constantly along the Texas-Mexico border, as Infowars regularly reports.


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