Watch Massive Homeless Camp Burn Under Austin Overpass

Austin adopting California's ridiculous social justice policies that are rapidly destroying the city

Image Credits: @shellyygreen/Twitter.

Shocking video out of Austin, Texas, shows a massive homeless camp engulfed in flames under a major highway on Sunday as the city’s homeless crisis continues to escalate.

Austin’s insane pro-homeless policies have quickly resulted in camps, crime, and filth exploding all over the city, and even huge blazes like this one.

From KXAN:

The fire happened at the median where the encampment is: beneath the bridge which connects E Ben White Boulevard to I-35.

The Austin Fire Department said its crews were first called to the fire just before 9:30 a.m. Sunday. Drivers nearby could see flames billowing from the median and upward to the bridge above. AFD crews were able to extinguish the flames and said no one was injured there.

According to AFD, investigators have ruled the cause of the fire as accidental, they believe this fire is the result of a candle kept too close to something combustible.

For several hours Sunday, the flyover from East Ben White to southbound I-35 was closed while TxDOT bridge investigators worked. Eventually, they opened the bridge back up to traffic once they determined it was safe. A TxDOT spokesperson told KXAN that minor repairs will need to be done to the bridge as a result of the fire.

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