Watch: NYPD Officers Wrestle Gun From Man On Parole For Attempted Murder

'This is how quickly things can go from conversation to life-or-death struggle'

Image Credits: NYPD.

New York City cops recently found themselves in a high-stakes struggle with an armed man who was on parole for attempted murder.

Bodycam footage released by the NYPD shows officers from the 75th Precinct responding to a 911 call in Brooklyn on Oct. 18th.

“Responding to a community complaint of a ‘man with a gun,’ this is how quickly things can go from a conversation to a life-or-death struggle,” NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea wrote on social media.

“Taken from a man on parole for attempted murder, this is just 1 of 23 guns taken off NYC streets last weekend.”

In the video, officers approach a white sedan parked in a residential neighborhood and question a man standing outside the vehicle.

“Someone called 911 on this vehicle,” an officer can be heard saying. “Who’s the guy in your car? Who is he? Who is your associate?”

When asked if he has the keys to the car, the suspect claims he does not and that he wasn’t in the car at all.

As officers question the man about a suspicious item he is carrying, a scuffle ensues.

“While attempting to run from the police, his illegal, defaced firearm fell to the ground,” a video caption explains.

“Tense moments for these officers — knowing one gun is nearby, and thinking he might have a second — as they struggle for what could be their lives.”

After a battle lasting approximately two minutes, officers managed to place the suspect in handcuffs.

They later learned he was on parole for attempted murder.

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