Watch: Over 20 Illegals Drop From Bottom of Grain Hopper Train Car

Border agents continue finding migrants aboard trains bound for U.S. interior

Image Credits: Screenshot / Twitter / Charlotte Cuthbertson.

Dozens of illegal aliens were found aboard a train entering Texas from Mexico this week, according to reports.

Border Patrol agents searching the train apprehended at least 25 illegals, including more than 20 who were flushed through a release chute in the bottom of a grain hopper car.

Footage of the sting was posted on social media by Epoch Times reporter Charlotte Cuthbertson on Monday.

“Border Patrol stops train near Uvalde that are coming from Mexico via border town Eagle Pass in Texas,” Cuthbertson wrote.

“Train is heading to San Antonio. The grain hoppers are smooth inside, and often there’s no way out as they’re locked at the top and the bottom is accessed from the inside. Gets hot in there.”

She noted that 21 illegals from Mexico were found in the grain hopper, along with four more in other cars.

All 25 were reportedly males.

Cuthbertson reports many of the men said they were attempting to get to Houston.

“They’ll be returned to Mexico today or tomorrow and it’s likely many will try again in a few days,” she said.

Illegal aliens frequently hop trains in order to travel deeper into the U.S., often riding inside agricultural or industrial cars.

Two illegal migrants were recently injured by trains on back-to-back days in Texas, as Infowars reported earlier this month.

One was struck by a train as he slept, and another suffered serious wounds to her leg while trying to jump onto a moving train.

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