WATCH: Pathologist Proves COVID Shot Causes Blood Clots in Groundbreaking Microscope Video

See firsthand the catastrophic damage caused by Covid shots!

Image Credits: Infowars.

Alex Jones breaks down the now-viral video of microscope analysis of board-certified dermatopathologist Dr. Cole where he showed firsthand the catastrophic damage caused by Covid shots:

“[Dr. Cole has] never seen anything instantly coagulate blood and make the cells clump in on each other into protein blocks, but that’s what the studies actually show it does,” said Alex Jones on Thursday’s broadcast. “What did the rat & mice studies show? Annihilation of the heart tissue, arteries & veins, starting with the smaller capillaries.”

“That’s what the studies show, it all depends on where [the shot] gets in. We know it passes the blood-brain barrier because they put these patented lipids, or these synthetic oil particles, over the spike proteins to get them into the cells… Newsflash: if they can get something into a cell, they can get it into your brain.”

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