WATCH: Portland Antifa Riot Downtown — Businesses Trashed, Fist Fights on the Street & Bike Cops Slamming into ‘Press’

Left-wing violence under Biden continues unabated

Image Credits: Nathan Howard/Getty Images.

At least two arrests were made after a mostly peaceful protest in Portland turned violent. Banks and other businesses were trashed as beleaguered residents pleaded with protesters to “go home!” and leave them in peace.

A group of dozens of people were reportedly demonstrating against immigration policy under the Biden administration in the Pearl District in downtown Portland, but quickly began vandalizing the area. 

Businesses had their windows smashed, vehicles were vandalised and graffiti was sprayed over a number of walls in the area, as video uploaded to social media purports to show.

Fistfights broke out at the mostly peaceful protest, after a sidewalk disagreement.

Video also purported to show residents arguing with the ‘protesters’ telling them to ‘go home’ and berating them for haranguinging an old man walking with a cane as he crossed the street. As protesters shouted “Go home!” at the police, so too did residents shout “Go home!” at the protesters.

A Chipotle restaurant on Northwest Lovejoy Street was attacked with patrons still inside at approximately 9:30pm.

Several other businesses were trashed and at least two people were arrested: one 31-year-old male for criminal mischief and one 17-year-old male for interfering with a peace officer. 

Portland Police declared the protest “destructive” at roughly 10pm and ordered the crowds to disperse and “immediately stop participating in criminal activity.”

Bicycle mounted police arrived on scene, one of whom crashed into a person wearing a ‘press’ vest, sparking a ferocious war of words and shouting match between police and protesters at an intersection.

Portland police said they had limited resources to respond to the riot, as they had to deal with multiple shooting incidents happening across the city.

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