Watch: Pride Activists Clash with Parents Protesting LGBT Indoctrination Outside Elementary School

Confrontation between 'Leave our kids alone' protesters and pro-child groomers occurred right as Pride Month kicked off.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

Footage Friday showed the tense moments a group of pro-LGBT activists confronted parents protesting LGBT indoctrination at a school in Los Angeles, Calif.

The clash unfolded outside the Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood as parents displeased with the school’s Pride Month event, organized under the banner “Leave our kids alone,” converged with pro-LGBT activists.

Local media reports the anti-groomer protests were loosely organized by parents via Instagram, and called on protesters to be respectful and peaceful.

Image courtesy: YouTube/Fox 11 Los Angeles

The parents against the sexual grooming of children carried signs reading, “There is no pride in indoctrination,” “Stop sexualizing our kids!” and “Leave our kids alone.”

Police were already on standby at the scene and at one point intervened as the two groups began to get rowdy.

A local news helicopter captured footage of one of the minor skirmishes, however clever editing prevents viewers from being able to see exactly who initiated the clash.

ABC7 reports other than the tiny fracas the protests remained “mostly peaceful.”

The demonstrations come as June 1 marked the beginning of “Pride Month.”

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