Watch: Project Veritas Triggers CNN’s Brian Stelter After Network’s Anti-Trump Agenda Exposed

"I feel really bad for you," the anchor repeated

Image Credits: project veritas youtube.

Project Veritas was able to ask CNN reporter Brian Stelter for his opinion on recent undercover footage showing a network director admitting they engage in anti-Trump “propaganda.”

The Veritas reporter asked Stelter about CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester’s videotaped comments, such as “fear sells.”

“Does fear sell?” the PV journalist asked Stelter.

The off-guard CNN reporter repeatedly answered, “I feel really bad for you,” without explaining what that meant.

The irritated Stelter kept making hand gestures to a nearby CNN maintenance person as if he was asking them to help get rid of the journalist.

Eventually, the maintenance worker ushered Project Veritas out of the building at Stelter’s command.

The hilarious video captured a masked Stelter ironically wearing a sweater reading, “Journalism Matters Now More Than Ever.”

Check out all three parts of the Project Veritas #ExposeCNN operation below!