Watch: Racist Black Man Called Out For Screaming “Chink” At Asian NYPD Officer

"Black people can't be racist," the man said after shouting racial epithets

Image Credits: reddit screenshot.

During a protest at New York City’s Washington Square Park on Sunday, footage was captured showing a black man repeatedly calling an Asian police officer a “chink”.

“You ain’t from this country you piece of shit,” the man said to the cop. “You fucking chink. You fucking chink. Get the fuck out of here you chink.”

The verbal tirade continued as other officers tried to get the man to calm down, saying, “Come on man.”

Next, a guy riding by on his bicycle called out the racist black man, saying, “Yo, why you calling people ‘chinks’ man? Fuck you!”

The pair went back and forth for a while until the passerby said to “Get that racist-ass shit out of here.”

To that comment, the irate man ignorantly said, “Black people can’t be racist you piece of shit.”

You’re a racist piece of shit,” the passerby responded.

After the brief confrontation, the man focused on the Asian cop again, repeatedly calling him a “chink” and provoking police by asking, “What you gonna do?”

“I work for the state,” the man claimed during the incident. “I pay your salary.”

The scene took place following a violent night where hundreds gathered to protest the park’s new 10 p.m. curfew.

The curfew was implemented in response to an increase in violence in the park, especially after dard.

“The park has turned into a nightmare for those of us with kids,” a local resident told Spectrum News NY 1. “There’s constant drugs, constant nudity. There’s sexual acts here all the time. The trash in the mornings has become really obscene and it’s really not a place for kids anymore, let alone adults.”

23 people were arrested by NYPD while enforcing the curfew and the famous 125-year old Washington Square Arch was littered with graffiti reading, “Police violence must end now,” and “Black Trans Lives Matter.”

Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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