Watch: Reporter Confronts Group of ‘Haitian’ Migrants Crossing Mexico-Guatemala Border

Mexican authorities cracking down on migrant waves at border hot spot

Image Credits: Josh Friedman / CalCoastNews.

Groups of illegals hoping to reach the U.S. continue to gather at Mexico’s southern border in the days following heavy clashes between Mexican authorities and a massive ‘migrant caravan.’

“This is the new hotspot,” journalist Josh Friedman told Infowars in an exclusive interview. “The battle has shifted from the U.S.-Mexico border to Mexico-Guatemala border.”

Friedman has been reporting from both sides of the Suchiate River, which separates Mexico and Guatemala.

Friedman recently encountered a large group of approximately 50 migrants, presumed to be from Haiti, preparing to cross the river on their journey north from Ciudad Tecun Uman, Guatemala.

The group was broken down into smaller packs at the direction of local traffickers, who escorted them across a narrow point of the river on foot.

Some of the traffickers, teenage boys, warned Friedman and his guide they risked an armed confrontation if they continued to film or ask questions.

The Suchiate was the scene of a recent attempt by thousands of mostly-Central American migrants to force entry into Mexico.

Guatemalan authorities estimate at least 4,000 migrants gathered in Tecun Uman and the surrounding area, quickly filling local shelters and setting up makeshift camps.

“We’ve been getting organized,” a Honduran man told Reuters. “If we cross alone, they’ll get us, and all the sacrifices we’ve made to get here will have been in vain.”

Eventually, the migrants attempted to storm into Mexico via the river and a connecting bridge, but most were turned back by Mexican troops.

Friedman reports the recent immigration crackdown by Mexican authorities is “very real,” asserting that economic and diplomatic pressures applied by the Trump administration on Mexico City have been effective.

Josh Friedman / CalCoastNews

Friedman has interviewed dozens of migrants and found few to have compelling asylum cases — most are simply seeking better economic opportunities in the United States.

However, he says many are starting to “lose hope” about reaching the U.S. after learning Mexico is no longer allowing itself to function as a free-flowing conduit for mass migration.

Crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border have dropped for seven consecutive months, after reaching a crescendo in May of 2019, when over 144,000 migrants were apprehended by immigration authorities.

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