Watch: RFK Jr. Obliterates Piers Morgan’s Lies About COVID Vaccines

Morgan tries to argue COVID shots were "safe and effective" but RFK Jr. debunks his lies with hard data before interview abruptly ends.

Image Credits: screenshot/TalkTV.

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. called out anchor Piers Morgan for misrepresenting his stance on vaccines during a Saturday interview.

During his show “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” Morgan tried to portray Kennedy as an anti-vaxxer before asking him to clarify his position on the experimental COVID mRNA shots before RFK Jr. set the record straight.

“You’ve been opposed to vaccines now for a long time, very heavily critical of the COVID vaccines–” Morgan began.

“That’s not true,” Kennedy replied.

Morgan clarified, saying, “You’re not a vaccine denier, but you are a very, very skeptical, very public voice of skepticism about the efficacy of vaccines. Would that be fair?”

Kennedy made clear he’s not “anti-vaccine,” he just wants proper regulatory oversight of the vaccine industry.

“I think vaccines should be subject to the same level of rigorous testing as other medications,” he said.

Kennedy brought up how the COVID shots were “neither safe nor effective,” which prompted Morgan to come to the pharmaceutical industry’s defense.

“I’m not anti-vaccine just because I want safe vaccines. And I think everybody wants safe vaccines and as we all now recognize, the COVID vaccines were neither safe nor effective,” Kennedy said.

Morgan interjected, “That’s, as you know, heavily disputed by a lot of top scientists who say that compared to other vaccines, it was very safe.”

“Obviously, like all vaccines who’s had issues, obviously they had to move at the speed of light, because it was a novel virus, it was killing a lot of people. But it wasn’t an unsafe vaccine,” he added.

Kennedy then debunked Morgan’s baseless talking point by citing data showing nations with a higher unvaccinated population had lower mortality rates than those with higher vaccination rates.

“If you look at the countries that did not vaccinate, they had the lowest death rates, they had the lowest COVID infection rates,” Kennedy explained, “and if you look at the John’s Hopkins data which the data everybody relies on, there’s a direct correlation between excess deaths in the Western nations that heavily vaccinated and the level of COVID vaccination.”

“So if you look at excess death, how many people died that shouldn’t have died at the end of the year,” he continued, “the vaccine is associated – we can’t say ’caused’ because it’s a correlation – but the deaths in the nations that heavily vaccinated were much higher than those who didn’t.”

Kennedy went on to cite U.S. data as an example of the high excess mortality compared to unvaccinated nations.

“We’re one of the most heavily vaccinated countries in the world. We also have the highest COVID death rate in the world. So we have 4.2% of the global population, we have 16% of the COVID deaths. That’s not a success story. How can anybody-“

Ironically, the “Uncensored” host at that point decided RFK had said enough and cut him off.

“Well sir, listen, unfortunately – listen, we’ve run out of time. I’ve got to end you there,” Morgan asserted.

Unfortunately for Morgan and his pharmaceutical sponsors, the truth about the damaging COVID vaccine is getting out as more data and research emerges and in spite of government and corporate censorship efforts.

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