Watch: Rob Schneider Calls Out Big Pharma As A ‘Legal Drug Cartel’

Actor and comedian highlights Big Pharma ties to politicians and media

Image Credits: highwire screenshot.

Legendary comedian Rob Schneider laid into Big Pharma during a recent appearance on The Highwire with Del Bigtree.

“With the pharmaceutical business, it’s so powerful,” explained Schneider. “They spend upwards, in a non-election year, 85 percent of all spending for television, the internet – which is now bigger than it was ten years ago – up to 85 percent in a non-election year is Big Pharma.”

He continued, “What was really interesting in California and then nationally was the biggest donors for every state legislature and then federal and congress and senate, you realize the tentacles and what pharma is. Pharma IS the LEGAL drug cartel. THEY ARE.”

“And they’ve managed to figure out a system of just like, this is just collateral damage for them. It’s the cost of doing business,” Schneider told Bigtree. “Children dying, people dying, it’s like… they’ll just pay it off until there is criminal charges it will continue. Until a CEO or people on the board are brought up on criminal charges for fraud, negligence and criminality, until there’s a homicide charge, it’s gonna continue. Why? Because, it’s the cost of doing business.”

Watch the full Schneider appearance on The Highwire by going to the 1-hour and 30-minute mark of the video below:

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