Watch: Rogan Speechless As Guest Breaks Down Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset, Infiltration of World Governments

Guest Maajid Nawaz points out globalists inching towards global ID digital passport system attached to social credit score with help of WEF's young global leaders.

Image Credits: Spotify screenshot.

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab openly brags about how his organization infiltrates governments across the globe, guest Maajid Nawaz noted on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Speaking to Rogan last week, Nawaz pointed out how the globalists are inching towards imposing a global ID, or digital passport system attached to a social credit score, with the help of the WEF’s young global leaders.

Rogan appeared taken aback by the globalists’ brazenness at breathing life into what has been labeled a conspiracy theory.

“Yeah, that’s a bizarre thing to do, to openly do,” Rogan told his guest. “Why do you think they openly discuss it that way? And openly? Because ‘The Great Reset’ has always been this gigantic conspiracy theory among the online folks, like, ‘This is all part of The Great Reset.’ Well, when he wrote a fuckin’ book called The Great Reset, you’re like, ‘Hey man, shouldn’t he be hiding this?’”

Nawaz highlighted footage of Great Reset architect Klaus Schwab from 2017 speaking at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics, where he discussed how the WEF’s modus operandi is to penetrate governments by installing its “young global leaders.”

“In 2017, at Harvard he’s saying, you know, we’re going to basically, all of these world leaders, will penetrate their cabinets with our young global leaders,” Nawaz stated. “He’s open. He’s open. [Former UK Prime Minister Tony] Blair’s open. During the Iraq war, Blair tried to bring in ID cards in Britain, he failed; now he’s back and he’s trying to bring in digital ID during Covid…So they’re open about it.”

Evidently, Schwab’s five-year-old admissions are receiving renewed scrutiny in light of the crackdown on Canadian Freedom Convoy protesters.

Last week, Canadian MP Colin Carrie called out the WEF’s influence over Trudeau’s government before getting abruptly censored and accused of spreading “disinformation.”

Elsewhere in his interview, Nawaz mentioned how Chinese influence operations working hand in hand with the WEF were responsible for the idea of quarantines, lockdowns, the social credit score and much more.

The discussion’s popularity on social media is more proof many are waking up to the Great Reset agenda on the heels of Canada’s tyrannical crackdown on political dissent.

Following Nawaz’s appearance, Rogan’s podcast was temporarily inaccessible on the Spotify streaming service, leading many to speculate the interview covering controversial topics may have been to blame.

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