Watch: Russian Media Fairly Covers 2A Rally & Alex Jones

Russian state-owned media network Russia-24 covered the Second Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia, last week, getting the perspective of local gun owners and even Alex Jones himself.

Gun owners, patriots, and gun rights activists explained to the Russian network the dangers of Democrat Governor Ralph Northam’s agenda to undermine and dissolve the Second Amendment.

(Click the screenshot below)

The report goes on to explain President Trump’s opinion of the rally, which ended peacefully in front of the governor’s mansion.

The coverage is notable given Russian culture doesn’t recognize universal gun rights, and because foreign media that’s supposedly our adversary covers American events more fairly and journalistically than the U.S. corporate media.

The Usual Suspects inside the mainstream media were quick to demonize the law-abiding American patriots rallying in Richmond, Virginia as Governor Ralph Northam declared a National Emergency and spread rumors of impending doom and violence by the gun toting hands of hate groups & white supremacists.