Watch: San Diego Resident Gives Epic Anti-Lockdown Rant at City Council Meeting

All the misleading information, what he called "propaganda," that's coming from our health officials.

Image Credits: KUSI.

A San Diego man called out County Public Health supervisors for citing misleading data on Covid-19 to keep the county on lockdown.

“How many rights are we going to take away before we look at the facts?” asked photographer Shaun Frederickson, pulling up the county’s data on his phone.

Frederickson highlighted the fact that the PCR tests are notorious for giving false positives and therefore those stats are unreliable.

In a subsequent Instagram post, Frederickson said he again planned to confront the city supervisors at a meeting on Tuesday.

“I wasn’t expecting any type of praise or notoriety for addressing the SD Board of Sups last week, I just had to speak on behalf of those who I love.
We’ve endured this ‘pandemic’ for 18 months with kindness although enraged. We had self control when we wanted to freak out. We held our tongue to avoid offending those who are fearful. We wore a damn mask.
Well, it was a blessing to be given the opportunity to speak directly to the two people (Fletcher & Wooten) who are most responsible for the lockdowns/mandates in San Diego County and let them know I’m not alone we’ll no longer be silent.”

“The next Board of Supervisors meeting is Tuesday, August 17 @8am! We’re going to have a mass turnout! Will you speak?”

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