Watch: Smugglers Lower Baby, Adults Over 30-Foot Border Wall

Venezuelan mother, young children sent over wall in darkness

Image Credits: Screenshot / CBP.

A group of illegal aliens was apprehended by U.S. border authorities after they were lowered by rope over a 30-foot section of barrier into California last week.

Border Patrol agents stationed in El Centro Sector caught five migrants from Venezuela – including a mother and her two small children, aged 2 and 6 – after they made the harrowing entry under the cover of darkness.

“The incident occurred at about 3:15 a.m., when camera operators assigned to the El Centro Station’s Remote Video Surveillance System (RVSS) observed a man being lowered down the border wall with the use of a rope, approximately three miles west of the Calexico West Port of Entry,” Customs and Border Protection explained in a statement.

“RVSS camera operators then noticed another man being lowered, only this time they realized that a small child was clinging on to his back. Subsequently, a third adult, a woman, holding on to another child, was lowered by the smugglers.”

Chief Patrol Agent Gregory K. Bovino shared footage of the illegal entry on social media.

“Smugglers often use this tactic to minimize their own risk of injury,” said Agent Bovino. “They are willing to put others in jeopardy, including children, even when they won’t risk themselves.”

“We were lucky that the mother and her two children, as well as the other two men, were not dropped from the 30-foot border wall. I implore those who are looking to hire these smugglers to consider the extreme dangers of crossing the border illegally into the United States.”

The migrants were taken to El Centro Station Processing Center where it was determined they were all Venezuelan nationals.

The number of Venezuelans illegally entering the U.S. is surging.

More than 900 migrants from Venezuela arrived during a span of 10 days in one Texas border region alone, Breitbart reported on Sunday.

Groups of around 100 Venezuelans are reportedly being apprehended in Del Rio Sector on a near-daily basis.

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