Watch: Student Confronts University Instructor Over “Anti-White” Rhetoric

Student recites sensational tweets

Image Credits: screenshot.

A University of Georgia instructor was confronted by a student over alleged anti-white statements and tweets, according to footage shared by ACT For America and Campus Hate Watch.

In the video, a student identifying themself as a “Jewish member of the LGBT community” challenges an instructor in the middle of class about his alleged “negative rhetoric against white people.”

“You call white people ‘autistic kids,’ you say we all work at Chick-Fil-A and never work for anything,” the student says. “These are all tweets I have screenshots of.”

“How can you talk about freedom and equality and all these things, but you talk about a certain group of people and put them in these stereotypes?”

“You’re an instructor here – you teach a course, and you subject students to this kind of hateful-ass rhetoric, and I think it is a damn shame that people go to this university and you subject them to that,” the student continues.

According to screenshots of tweets embedded in the footage, the instructor is identified as Irami Osei-Frimpong.

A selection of tweets from a Twitter account going by the same name and matching those cited and shared in the video include:

“You have to take the war to the White Christian family. Until that’s a site of co-determination and not hierarchy, there will be no justice in America. It’s not an accident that the churches with the worst gender inequalities were the lynching churches.”

“Fighting White people is a skill. Really, it’s one reason I’m in support of integrated schools. You have to get used to fighting White people. It takes practice. ‘Blacks kill Blacks because they have never been trained to kill Whites’ -Dr. Bobby Wright”

“One reason Black voters aren’t more Left is because White Supremacy has succeeded in getting Black people to blame themselves as opposed the legacy of government policy and racial terrorism. Meanwhile, the French erect guillotines. They are not confused about their enemy.”

“There is a way in which White people in the South learn manners as a series of behaviors the way autistic kids learn to read social cues for behaviors. Except since these guys and gals aren’t autistic, I just feel like I’m around a bunch of sociopaths.”

An additional tweet embedded in the video and cited by the student reads: “‘They raise little white supremacists, but the test scores are good.’ – Every Suburban County in Georgia”

Dan Lyman:

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