Watch: Teacher Schools Trans Student Who Denies Being a Woman

Teacher uses common sense to correct gender confused student.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

Footage out of a US classroom shows the moment a teacher used common sense to destroy a woke female student’s claim that she was not a woman.

In a brief video highlighted by Twitter user @ClownWorld_, captioned, “We’re doomed,” a student is upset the teacher didn’t address “folks who have wombs but are not women” during a discussion regarding an unidentified topic.

“Why do you keep saying ‘women’ when this issue affects more than women?” the woke student asks.

“Because there are two genders: male and female,” the teacher replies.

“This issue affects more than women,” the woke student continues, “It affects trans men, it affects gender queer folks…”

“Women have wombs,” the teacher interjects.

“I am not a woman and I have a womb,” the female student claims.

Without missing a beat, the teacher shoots back, “You are a woman if you have a womb,” prompting the students to begin shouting at the teacher.

The video illustrates the depths to which liberal trans indoctrination has seeped into millennial thinking and blurred the lines between reality and the subversive woke gender ideology.

The same teacher has evidently taken students to the woodshed arguing in defense of pro-life views.