Watch: Teen Mob Attacks Off-Duty Officer Defending Woman at Mall

Officer nearly beaten unconscious

Image Credits: Mike Linksvayer / Wikimedia Commons.

An off-duty California police officer was nearly beaten unconscious by a mob of teens after he intervened to assist a woman who said they had stolen her cellphone, according to reports.

Two teens have been arrested and police are seeking at least eight more suspects following an attack on an unidentified female victim and a California Highway Patrol officer at a shopping center in Emeryville.

The officer, who asked to only be identified as Greg B., told KTVU he sensed a “very bad situation” developing after a lone female approached a group of teens regarding her stolen mobile phone.

Officer Greg B. says he attempted to snap photos of the group, but when they found out, they turned on him and things quickly escalated.

“It was a melee. It was chaotic. It was a really scary situation,” he said. “It should have never gotten to this point.”

After being ambushed by multiple assailants, Greg B. attempted to run away, but was surrounded and beaten, and nearly choked to unconsciousness, he says.


Greg B., a former San Quentin Prison correctional officer, says he opted not to draw his firearm, despite suffering a concussion, broken finger and bruising.

“I think this just came down to me not being able to look away and let this happen,” he said, adding that this is the third such incident in which he has intervened at the same shopping center.

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