Watch: Trio Charged With Attempted Murder in Attack on Cop During Traffic Stop

Family members facing slew of charges after officer strangled, beaten

Image Credits: Aurora Police.

Three suspects have been charged with attempted murder following a brutal assault and strangulation of a cop in Aurora, Illinois, authorities say.

Two females and a male, all of whom are related, face a slew of felony charges following the June 21st attack, part of which was caught on camera.

The incident unfolded at around 10:30 p.m. on a Monday night when an Aurora Police officer performed a traffic stop on a vehicle that had rolled through a stop sign in a residential neighborhood before pulling into a driveway.

“As the officer approached the vehicle, the driver began yelling obscenities out the window. The officer also observed two other passengers in the vehicle,” Aurora Police explained in a public statement. “Moments later, the rear passenger exited the vehicle. The officer ordered her back into the car several times before informing her that she was under arrest for obstructing.”

“However, before the rear passenger was in custody, the driver also exited the vehicle, continued yelling obscenities, and started approaching the officer at the rear of the car. The driver told the officer that he would fight him if he touched the rear female passenger.”

The situation escalated after the officer informed the driver he was placing him under arrest.

The driver ran away and a foot pursuit involving all parties ensued, with the suspects allegedly attacking the officer during an ensuing struggle.

“The two female passengers then began striking the officer with closed fists and kicking his body and head,” authorities say. “The officer heard a male’s voice and then was struck repeatedly in the head from several angles.”

“The rear female passenger placed her forearm around the officer’s neck and applied significant force to his windpipe, causing him to lose the ability to breathe.”

Back-up officers arriving at the scene rescued their colleague and arrested all three suspects.

Amid an ongoing investigation, a Grand Jury has indicted Sheba Taylor, 26, Jennifer Taylor, 24, Paul Sherrod Taylor, 28, on a variety of identical felony charges, including Attempted First Degree Murder, Aggravated Battery, and Aggravated Assault.

“Because of the strangulation and because of the research that we know about how quickly it is for somebody to lose their life as a result of somebody preventing them from being able to breathe, we believe that the proper charge was attempted first degree murder,” Jamie Mosser, Kane County State’s Attorney, told local media.

All three suspects are reportedly out on bond and are due in court on September 24th for arraignment hearings.

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