Watch: Trump Supporter Brawls With Two Liberals in Long Beach, Ca

Bloody fight ends with 3 arrests

A violent fight broke out between pro-Trump and anti-Trump protesters outside the California Democratic Party’s annual convention in Long Beach, California on Saturday.

In footage released online, two men approached the group of Trump supporters, started arguing with them, and the situation escalated when one man shoved Raul Rodriguez Jr.’s megaphone.

“It happened really fast,” Rodriguez Jr. told the Long Beach Post.

Extended Video:

While it’s hard to tell who threw the first punch in the video, eyewitness Brandon Recor, who is seen trying to break up the scuffle, said the anti-Trump guys started the fight.

Recor runs a YouTube channel called “That’s The Point With Brandon,” and has appeared on Infowars multiple times.

Scroll to the bottom of this article to check out some of Brandon’s interviews with the War Room’s Owen Shroyer.

When the skirmish broke out, a pro-Trump individual hit one of the anti-Trumpers with a Trump cowbell and the two anti-Trump men fought back with scooters.

All three people involved in the fight were arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon that was not a firearm.

Two of the men were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

“#LBPD is committed to ensuring everyone’s 1st Amendment rights, but we also want to remind you that any violence of any kind will not be tolerated in our community,” the Long Beach Police Department wrote in a tweet.

Watch Brandon Recor and Owen Shroyer discuss the rise of the violent left:

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