Watch: UN Debit Cards Being Given to US-Bound Migrants

Migrants receiving payments on electronic cash cards provided by United Nations

Image Credits: Screenshot / Twitter / Todd Bensman.

The United Nations is giving money to migrants bound for the United States in the form of electronic cash cards, according to reports.

Migrants at a U.N. office in Tapachula, Mexico, say payments are being loaded onto debit cards for them.

The stunning revelations were captured on camera by Todd Bensman, Senior National Security Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies.

A man identified as a migrant from Haiti told Bensman he was expecting a disbursement of 3,600 Mexican pesos (~$175) for the month of January but it had not arrived.

“They haven’t deposited to my account,” the Haitian said before flashing a debit card branded with the logo of the UNHCR — the U.N. Refugee Agency.

A “significant line” of migrants was waiting outside the U.N. office, according to Bensman, including additional Haitians who claimed migrants from other countries were receiving more money than them.

In November, Bensman reported from a large camp in Reynosa, Mexico, where staffers were handing out debit cards to migrants on their way to the U.S.

“The IOM workers said a migrant family of four gets about $800 a month. I watched long lines of migrants get their UN debit cards,” Bensman reported at the time.

“When I took the photos, I wasn’t exactly sure of exactly what I was seeing in Reynosa. But here’s what I have learned since: The money card is confirmed beyond doubt, but also ‘hard cash in envelopes’ and ‘movement assistance’;  and an online IOM ‘Emergency Manual‘ describes what I saw as part of a program it terms ‘Cash-Based Interventions,’ or CBIs,” Bensman explained in a follow-up article a month later.

Bensman’s findings support previous Infowars reporting on U.N. debit cards distributed to migrants bound for Europe.

In November, 2018, Infowars Europe helped bring to light revelations that migrants were using preloaded MasterCard debit cards bearing insignias of the E.U. and U.N. to pay for goods and services along their journeys.

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