Watch: Vaccinated People SHOCKED When Magnet Sticks to Injection Site

Why is this bizarre side effect happening and why is the media covering it up?

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Remarkable footage uploaded to proves a bizarre magnetic side effect is happening to some people who receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

In a video report by The Liberty Broadcast, the crew tests whether a refrigerator magnet will stick to Covid-19 vaccine injection sites, as demonstrated in countless viral videos on social media.

The theory had reportedly been debunked according to Newsweek and other mainstream outlets; however, when tested on vaccinated bar goers visiting Austin’s famous Sixth Street, the magnet sticks to them.

“The magnets appear to stick to the arm on the site where the COVID-19 vaccine shot was allegedly administered (apparently proving the microchip conspiracy theory). But experts told Newsweek that a magnet will not stick to someone’s arm because of the injection,” Newsweek wrote last month.

Meanwhile, the exact same phenomenon is being witnessed and documented across the globe.

As the side effect continues to be proven real, it begs the question: why is the establishment trying to hide it?

One reason could be that news of a magnetized vaccine injection site would likely alarm people and discourage them from seeking the vaccine.

A more sinister motive, however, could be that the medical establishment is trying to keep the public in the dark that the vaccines contain magnetized proteins synthesized for mass mind control.

Whatever the reason, the random street experiment above proves the phenomenon is definitely happening to certain vaccinated members of the population.

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