Watch: Woman Refutes Bill Nye The Science Guy’s Mask Propaganda

Are the masks as effective as we're being told?

A video circulating online shows a woman countering a Bill Nye The Science Guy propaganda bit where he claimed face masks stop people from being able to exhale particles.

Trying to prove face masks stop air being exhaled by people, the faux scientist released a video where he wore three different types of masks and unsuccessfully tried to blow out a candle.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo even tweeted the video, telling people, “Listen to Bill Nye.”

However, when other people try the same experiment, they are magically able to blow out candles with ease.

As seen in the following video, the woman is able to blow out a candle using a cloth mask, a surgical mask and an N95.

Another person took a thermal video showing them puffing on a cigar and exhaling the smoke through their face mask.

Are the masks as effective as we’re being told?