‘We Are in Genocide’: Kanye West Blames ‘Abortion Culture’ For Allowing 1,000 Black Children To Be Aborted Daily

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

Hip hop superstar Kanye West joined Joe Rogan’s podcast to discuss, among other topics, his pro-life stance, which he’s made a central issue around his presidential platform.

During “The Joe Rogan Experience” on Saturday, West explained that he’s trying to reorient America’s culture away from abortion and Planned Parenthood.

“Because Plan B and Planned Parenthood were planned by eugenics that set out and said out loud, ‘I’m doing this to kill the black race, and to create population control,’” West told Rogan.

“Let me talk about Planned Parenthood. There’s the last figure I saw is there were 210,000 deaths that’s due to COVID in America. And everywhere you go, you see someone with a mask on…With abortion culture, there are 1,000 black children aborted a day,” he said.

“We are in genocide. So, more black children have died in the past, since February, than people have died of COVID, and everyone wears a mask,” West noted.

“So, it’s a matter of where are we turning a blind eye to? The media can control, a lot of times it has control [over] what we care about.”

West has been an pro-life advocate at least ever since he admitted in an emotional rant during his first campaign rally over the summer that he almost aborted his first-born child.

Owen discusses with callers on the decline of values leading up to the election, and especially points out Kanye West’s literal disgust with the slaughtering of his people through abortion.