‘We Need to Prepare for the Worst’: Fauci Warns Gov’t May Impose More Lockdowns Over Omicron Variant

As Infowars reported, globalists are using a new Covid variant to justify more lockdowns, vaccine initiatives, contact tracing measures, and targeting the unvaccinated.

Image Credits: Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images.

Dr. Anthony Fauci refused to rule out the possibility of more crippling lockdowns if the Omicron variant spreads across the U.S.

When asked by ABC’s “This Week” host George Stephanopolous on Sunday whether more lockdowns were under consideration by the Biden administration in the face of this new Covid variant, Fauci said, “it’s too early to say.”

“We just really need to, as I said so often, prepare for the worst,” said Fauci, currently Joe Biden’s coronavirus adviser.

“It may not be we’ll have to go the route people are saying. We don’t know a lot about this virus. So we want to prepare as best we can, but it may turn out this preparation, although important, may not necessarily push us to the next level,” Fauci said, referring to the 2020 lockdowns.

“People talking about lockdowns, people talking about that, let’s see what the information we’re getting in real time tells us,” the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director continued.

“We’ll make decisions based on the science and the evidence the way we always do. But you want to be prepared to do anything and everything. That’s the reason why we’re paying such close attention to this and why we’re all over it.”

As Infowars reported, the establishment is preparing the talking points for a new wave of lockdowns and social restrictions in response to the emergence of the so-called Omicron variant from South Africa.

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