WEF’s Klaus Schwab Hails the Great Reset’s Progress at G20 Summit

Urges world leaders to create a "deep systemic and structural restructuring of our world."

Image Credits: FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images.

World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab praised the Great Reset agenda making a “deep systemic and structural restructuring of our world.”

“If we look at all the challenges, we can speak about the multi crises, economic, political, social, ecological, and institutional crises,” Schwab told world leaders Tuesday at the B20 event in Bali, part of the G20 summit.

“But actually, what we have to confront is a deep systemic and structural restructuring of our world. And this will take some time and the world will look differently after we have gone through this transition process.”

Schwab explained that the “driving force” of this “transformation” is moving to a “multipolar world,” a euphemism for the decline of the United States and the West.

“Politically, the driving forces for this transformation, of course, is the political transition into a multipolar world, which has a tendency to make our world much more fragmented,” he said. “For this reason, events like this one, the G20 and so on, are the very important connectors to unwind a too great segmentation…”

Schwab has in the past bragged about the WEF “penetrating the cabinets” of world governments and the extent of influence it has over the media, NGOs, and academia.

“We have continuous partnerships with many governments around the world,” Schwab said. “Then of course, we have NGOs, we have trade unions, we have all those different parts – media, of course – and very important experts and scientists and academia…religious leaders, social entrepreneurs…”

Part of the WEF’s plan of creating a new world is introducing a universal “digital health certificate” that would be tied to an individual’s biometric and financial data, which was discussed at the G20 summit.

This comes as global banks and financial institutions are banding together to launch a digital dollar pilot program that will enable them to easily track and control currencies for the purpose of instituting a Chinese-style social credit score system.

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