We’re Screwed: Compare Russia & China’s Badass Military Recruitment Ads To “Woke” U.S. Army Promo

US military promoting identity and gender politics while our adversaries forge hardened and battle-ready soldiers.

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

Worried Americans are taking notice of the “woke” direction Joe Biden’s government is taking the U.S. military compared to Russia and China’s own armed forces.

The stark contrast between the U.S. military’s woke recruitment ads and Russia and China’s impressive and menacing recruitment videos have people on social media taking notice. 

Russia’s video from 2017 shows a man compelled by a sense of national pride to serve in the military, where he is then seen subjected to rigorous and intensive training, and eventually combat.

Likewise, China’s recruitment ad from 2019 showcases the Communist regime’s impressive display of firepower and organization.

By contrast, the recently released recruitment ad by the U.S. Army highlights the government prioritizing identity politics and radical “woke” culture over national security goals.

The Army ad, called “Emma” was so poorly received that it currently has a downvote ratio of 30 to 1.

With the feckless Joe Biden installed into the White House, Americans are worried that China and Russia are quickly gaining an edge over the U.S.

Compare ads from all three superpowers in this compilation:

Alex Jones breaks down the stark contrast between the ‘woke’ US Military ads promoting identity and gender politics while the Russian military ads are promoting hardened soldiers.