West Virginia Governor Invites Virginia Counties to Secede, Join Neighbor State

Says conservative, pro-gun counties welcome to switch states

Image Credits: Preston Ehrler / Echoes Wire / Barcroft Media via Getty Images.

Virginia counties opposed to their globalist government in Richmond are welcome to join their neighboring state instead, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice says.

Governor Justice and Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. issued the invitation to disgruntled Virginians during a joint press conference.

“If you’re not happy where you’re at, come on down,” Justice said. “If you’re not truly happy where you are, we stand with open arms to take you from Virginia or anywhere you may be.”

“We stand strongly behind the Second Amendment, and we stand strongly for the unborn.”

Falwell, who heads the Lynchburg, Virginia-based university, echoed Justice’s sentiments, blasting the hard left’s takeover of Richmond.

“What’s happening in Virginia right now is a tragedy in the making,” Falwell said.

“Democrat leaders in Richmond, through their elitism and radicalism, have left a nearly unrecognizable state in their wake, and they are using their power to strip away the God-given rights held by every person in the state, despite their due protections under the U.S. Constitution.”

This is not the first time Virginians have been formally urged to join their neighbors in recent weeks, as West Virginia lawmakers have extended invitations to defect amid a radical shift to the left by Virginia’s lawmakers.

While many officials have ridiculed any notion the Virginias could be redrawn, there is a ‘Vexit’ movement building steam.

“This isn’t street theater, we fully intend to do everything we can to see it through,” said Rick Boyer, a Virginia attorney and conservative activist.

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