What Are They Hiding? Detroit Absentee Counting Center Blocks Partisan Observers From Monitoring Process

Image Credits: Twitter Screenshot.

Video from Detroit, Michigan’s absentee ballot counting center shows a man covering windows with boards to block partisan observers from overseeing the vote count.

According to state law, Michiganders are allowed to monitor the vote-counting process.

A concerned woman explained why she suspicious of the last minute votes being tallied in Michigan.

She describes a “mysterious box” that arrived at 3 am with over 30,000 ballots in it.

Another woman interviewed in the video says, “Republicans feel they are being shut up, that they’re being outnumbered, that they’re being silenced. And they think that this system is setup so that the process of counting the votes is only overseen by Democrats.”

In another video, police blocked citizens from entering the building while others placed pizza boxes over the windows to block their views.

A representative of the Detroit Health Department tried to address the group regarding social distancing.

A woman interviewed outside the building claims to have found 500 ballots with names that were not on the voter rolls at all.

She also confirmed the Detroit Health Department blocked people from entering due to COVID-19, claiming “capacity.”

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in Michigan on Wednesday, calling for a halt of vote counting “until meaningful access has been granted.”

The campaign wishes to review ballots that were opened and counted without oversight and to continue observing the remainder of votes that need to be counted.

Responding to footage of a man blocking windows at the absentee ballot counting center, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said the process had been “bipartisan, transparent and open” from the beginning.