What? Democrat Governor Says Removing Sexual Books From Schools Is “Castrating” Kids

Odd choice of words resulted in politician being slammed online

Image Credits: Drew Angerer / Staff / Getty.

During a recent interview with MSNBC’s Jen Psaki, Maryland’s Democrat Governor Wes Moore bizarrely claimed the parent-led movement to rid schools of pornographic books is somehow “castrating” kids.

The former Biden press secretary asked Moore why many conservatives are focusing on the sexual material found in schools across the country.

The Maryland governor said right-leaning parents are “telling other kids that they shouldn’t understand their own power. It’s castrating them.”

The strange remark didn’t go over the heads of the conservatives Moore was taking a shot at, with several Twitter users pointing out the hypocrisy of the “castration” comment.

Author Xi Van Fleet accurately pointed out, “Banning porn books in school is to ‘castrate’ children while opposing actual castration of children is hate. This is today’s Communist Democrat Party’s party line!”

Andrew Follett, a senior analyst at the advocacy group Club For Growth, noted Moore is actually in agreement with castrating children in his state.

The Democrat governor signed a bill requiring the state’s medical assistance program “to provide gender-affirming care.”

While the left repeatedly pushes the strawman argument that conservative parents are trying to “ban books” that teach about black history, the reality is the only books being targeted for removal are overtly sexual or promote the LGBT lifestyle.

The Democrat Party and mainstream media have to lie to the public about the alleged “book bans” because if the average American saw the actual content of the material they’d be completely outraged.

Thankfully, Infowars and others have been documenting some of the awesome parents and children who have read the obscene books to school districts to get their message across that the sexual content doesn’t belong in any educational facility.

Send this link to anyone you may know who is still in denial about the rampant sexualization of American children at the hands of the groomer Democrat Party.

Below, viewers will find a slew of videos exposing the disgusting pedophilic material being spread in our schools:

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