White South African Couple Executed in ‘Racist Attack’ on Highway

Robbers used racial slurs before opening fire on vehicle

Image Credits: Jess Kuhn / Facebook.

A young white couple were executed by a gang of robbers while sitting in their vehicle on a highway outside Johannesburg, South Africa, according to reports.

Jessica Kuhn, 23, and Johanco Fleischman, 19, had reportedly run out of fuel and were waiting for a relative to bring a gas can when three men walked up to their truck and began uttering anti-white racial slurs before eventually opening fire and killing the couple in broad daylight.

Two passengers who were sitting in the back of the truck managed to escape after being badly beaten by the attackers.

The gang also set the truck ablaze with a lighter after stealing items from their victims.

“As they waited for rescue they said three men walked past the car and then walked back hissing the word ‘umhulungu’ at Johanco – a derogatory phrase for a white man,” the Daily Mail reports. “One of the men then pulled a revolver without warning and fired at least nine bullets, hitting Johanco several times in the body.”

“As he slumped into the road the gunman leaned into the cab and killed Jessica with a single shot to the head, before stealing her mobile phone.”

A passing motorist saw the truck fire and discovered the bodies while attempting to put it out.

“There were people already on the scene and the two workers who were in the back when the attack happened had returned but both been badly beaten and were severely traumatised,” said a local police spokesman.

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