Whitmer: ‘If You’re Tired Of Lockdowns, Wearing Masks’ Or Not Attending Church, Vote Trump Out

Image Credits: @MeetThePress/Twitter.

Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer told voters that the only way to escape from the harsh coronavirus lockdowns and masks and restrictions is to vote President Trump out of office.

Yes, really.

Whitmer, who was rebuked by the states’ Supreme Court for imposing some of the strictest COVID lockdown measures in the country, claimed on MSNBC that those policies are actually Trump’s doing.

“If you’re tired of lockdowns or you’re tired of wearing masks or you wish you were in church this morning or watching college football or your kids were in-person instruction, it is time for a change in this country, and that’s why we’ve got to elect Joe Biden,” Whitmer told “Meet The Press” anchor Chuck Todd on Sunday.

Her comments are puzzling given Michigan’s Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that Whitmer’s draconian lockdown policies were unconstitutional.

Trump has been calling for Democrat leaders to reopen their respective cities as recently as last week.

“The World Health Organization just admitted that I was right. Lockdowns are killing countries all over the world. The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. Open up your states, Democrat governors. Open up New York. A long battle, but they finally did the right thing!” Trump tweeted Monday.

Even more notable is that Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden vowed to extend the lockdowns, and expand coronavirus mitigations measures like instituting a nationwide mask mandate, which he walked back after intense political backlash.

And by the way, where was the condemnations from Democrats and the media when thousands of feminists ignored “social distancing” rules and descended on the Supreme Court in DC on Saturday?

The only group who wants to continue imposing the coronavirus lockdown insanity (against conservatives) is the Democratic Party and Joe Biden, not Trump.

Watch the 2nd Hearing of the World Doctors Alliance hosted by Heiko Schöning in Berlin, Germany on 10th October 2020 speaking against lockdowns.