WHO Director Tedros Declares ‘COVID IS HERE TO STAY’

Alex Jones was right.

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

World Health Organization (WHO) Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced that “COVID is here to stay” and hinted that restrictions are returning.

“The increase in hospitalizations and deaths shows that COVID is here to stay and that we will continue to need tools to fight it,” Tedros said Wednesday.

Tedros also encouraged “at-risk” people to take “additional doses” of COVID-19 vaccines.

“One of WHO’s biggest concerns is the low level of at-risk people who have received a dose of COVID-19 vaccine recently. Our message is not to wait to get an additional dose if it’s recommended for you,” he said.

Joe Biden said last week he “signed off” on developing a new COVID-19 vaccine “that works” and “recommended that everyone get it” regardless of their vaccination history.

“Tentatively – I’ve not decided finally yet – tentatively, it will be recommended…it will likely be recommended that everyone get it, no matter what they’ve had before,” Biden told reporters.

This also comes as the White House announced Biden will begin wearing masks again indoors and social distance following his wife Jill testing positive for COVID-19 despite taking two mRNA vaccines and two boosters.

This of course tracks with Alex Jones’ bombshell report from high-level government sources that the Biden regime was preparing to bring back COVID restrictions and protocols in mid-September or October ahead of the 2024 election.

Watch the WHO press briefing:

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