Why Trump believes he should have won Nobel Peace Prize

TRUMP has claimed he deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 amid heightened suspicions around the globe that fraught US-Iran relations will escalate into all-out war

Image Credits: Kyle Mazza/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images.

Donald Trump is not afraid to make controversial comments and today he has set the Twitterverse alight with claims he was overlooked for last year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

But in the week following the US-led drone strike on Iranian Major General where “harsh revenge” was promised against the US, the claim from the USA President has shocked many.

So why does President Trump believe he deserved to be awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize?

US President Donald Trump has said he should have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019.

Speaking at a campaign event in Toledo, Ohio, on Thursday evening he said: “I’m going to tell you about the Nobel Peace Prize, I’ll tell you about that.

“I made a deal, I saved a country, and I just heard that the head of that country is now getting the Nobel Peace Prize for saving the country.

“I said: ‘What, did I have something do with it?’ Yeah, but you know, that’s the way it is.

“As long as we know, that’s all that matters… I saved a big war, I’ve saved a couple of them.”

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