“Why Won’t You Concede?!”: Fake News Reporters Melt Down After Trump Touts Stock Market Record

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

The Fake News media did not seem to enjoy the fact that the stock market hit a record high on Tuesday.

In a quick White House briefing, President Trump, flanked by Vice President Mike Pence, celebrated the Dow Jones reaching 30,000 for the first time ever.

“I just want to congratulate everybody. The stock market Dow Jones Industrial Average just hit 30,000 which is the highest in history. We’ve never broken 30,000 and that’s just despite everything that’s taken place with the pandemic,” Trump said.

“But most of all, I want to congratulate the people of our country, because there are no people like you. Thank you very much,” Trump concluded.

As Trump took his leave the media “reporters” erupted into unhinged squabbling.

“Why won’t you concede?!” one reporter cried.

“Why aren’t you conceding, Mr. President?” another shouted.

“Sir, why not concede for the good of the country, sir?”

Once Trump left the room, the reporters began questioning the event.

“What the hell was that?” one reporter scoffed.

“That was weird as shit,” Fox News Jon Karl remarked as he removed his mask.

Watch the White House briefing below:

There is a massive gaslighting operation underway concerning the existence of widespread voter fraud.