Wild Video: Convict Flees Courthouse During Sentencing

Cop breaks ribs, suffers concussion after diving into stairwell

Image Credits: Highland County Common Pleas Court.

A fugitive has been captured after more than three days on the run following a dramatic escape from an Ohio courthouse.

Nickolaus Garrison, 34, had been convicted of felony methamphetamine possession and was sentenced to nearly two years in prison during a hearing at the Highland County Courthouse on Monday morning, the Times-Gazette of Hillsboro reports.

While officers were patting him down, Garrison bolted from the courtroom with three officers in hot pursuit.

As Garrison charged down a stairwall, sheriff’s deputy Ben Reno threw himself over the railing, landing hard on the stairs below.

Garrison ultimately escaped and was on the lamb until Friday when he was captured at a motel in Clinton County, Ohio.

He will now face additional charges stemming from the evasion.

Officer Reno reportedly suffered four broken ribs and a concussion during the fall, but is now recovering at home.

“The deputy, unfortunately, went down the stairs headfirst in an attempt to try and catch him,” said Highland County Sheriff Donnie Barrera.

“I went out to the hospital and visited him when he was getting treated at Highland District Hospital. He was in good spirits at that time.”

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