Wild Video: Driver Rams Dump Truck Into Los Angeles Home

Man reportedly targets estranged wife's home in bizarre attack caught on camera

Image Credits: Screenshot / Twitter / Eric Resendiz.

A driver deliberately crashed a dump truck into a private residence before slamming into parked cars on a street in California this week, according to reports.

The wild incident unfolded on Sunday afternoon in South Los Angeles.

The driver was reportedly targeting the home of his estranged wife amid messy divorce proceedings.

The wife, Patricia Dunn, told local media she believes her husband is trying to kill her and that he initially rammed a passenger vehicle into her house before coming back in the heavy-duty machine.

“Patricia says her husband drove by the home three times. First he came by in a Chevy Impala and crashed into the home while she was inside. He returned in a dump truck and did more damage, then came back in the Impala again,” ABC 7 reports.

The truck collision was caught on camera and footage has been circulating on social media.

The driver can be seen plowing into the house before targeting cars on the street and even pushing one onto the front lawn.

“I was just trying to stay out of the way,” Dunn said. “So I don’t know if he was drunk or under the influence. I never experienced anything like this in my life.”

“A man under that kind of rage – who’s to say what he might do?” she continued. “He was trying to kill me. He really was.”

Local police later arrived on the scene but it is unclear if the driver will face any charges.

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