Wild Video: Driver Smashes Into NYC Bakery During Parking Dispute

Image Credits: Screenshot / YouTube.

A newly-opened bakery in New York City was destroyed after a driver rammed his car through the storefront during a violent dispute over a parking space, according to reports.

Rainbow Bakery in Flushing, Queens, was at the epicenter of a shocking altercation captured on video last week.

“An enraged Jie Zou jumped from behind the wheel of his white Audi as another vehicle angled for the coveted space, slugging the other driver in the face before ruining the grand opening of the Rainbow Bakery by plowing his vehicle six feet inside the fledgling business,” the New York Daily News reports, citing police.

In the video, a man can be seen striking the white Audi twice with a baseball bat.

The driver of the Audi suddenly accelerates parallel to traffic, hitting the assailant before smashing into the bakery.

Multiple customers can be seen fleeing the scene of the crash or sitting on the sidewalk in shock.

Bystanders were reportedly showered in broken glass.

“Very sad,” said bakery owner John Lo. “We put a lot in for the renovation and then … (he) almost destroyed it all … It’s lucky it’s the first day, not too many know we are open. And at the time, nobody in here. Nobody hurt, nobody died.”

“It’s just for a parking space … It’s like a movie, right?”

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