Wild Video: Suspected Shoplifter, Accomplice Body-Slammed by Fed Up Man

'I may be charged with assault. It's infuriating,' man says

Image Credits: Screenshots / Twitter.

A suspected shoplifter and his comrade encountered a man who had enough of rampant lawlessness and decided “make an impact” last week in Northern California, according to reports.

The wild incident unfolded on Saturday afternoon at a Walgreens in Alameda.

When a man identified only as “Kevin” allegedly saw a suspect shoveling bottles of pills into a backpack at the pharmacy store, he began filming and then handed his cell phone to another customer and asked them to continue recording.

“I said, ‘This is a time you can make an impact, make this happen,'” Kevin told ABC 7. “I see him leaving the store… and I threw him to the ground.”

Video footage appears to show Kevin pinning the suspect at the entrance to the store.

“I am way bigger than you and I will f**k you up!” Kevin tells the suspected perp while asking witnesses to call the police. “I am placing you under citizen’s arrest.”

“You’re making these prices go up.”

The alleged thief can be heard shouting for a companion, who walks up and tries to put Kevin in a rear chokehold.

“He kept calling for his friend, and I thought he was fibbing. I thought he was faking it,” Kevin explained.

“He came up behind me and tried to get me in a headlock… Then I picked him up by the groin and threw him to the ground.”

Both suspects managed to flee the scene, but stolen merchandise was later recovered and Walgreens opted not to press charges, police say.

“I could have been charged with assault and may be charged with assault. It’s infuriating. We’re all realizing it in Northern California — little soft cities like this,” Kevin told ABC 7.

When asked if he would intervene in a similar manner given another opportunity, he replied, “My mom would kill me. My friends will kill me. But yeah, I’d do it all over again.”

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