Wild Video: Woman Crashes Stolen Cop Car in St. Louis Neighborhood

Video shows suspect hopping into patrol car, slamming it into multiple trees

Image Credits: Screenshots / Twitter.

A woman was arrested after allegedly stealing a police car and crashing it into a tree in Missouri this week, according to reports.

The wild incident unfolded on Sunday in Velda Village Hills, located in St. Louis County.

Authorities were alerted about a woman behaving erratically while possibly under the influence of unknown substances, KMOV reports.

“She just asked if she could sit down for a moment to get herself together,” said local resident Scharell Houston.

“Then when she got up she was trying to go into people’s houses and go into people’s cars.”

Police encountered 27-year-old Kiiaundra Brown on the street.

Officers were attempting to comfort and assess the shoeless woman while waiting for EMS when the situation spiraled out of control.

Body cam footage and video shot by a witness show what transpired.

“Listen you’re not in trouble so just relax,” an officer tells Brown as she squats near a tree.

Suddenly, she can be seen running away, circling around a patrol car, and jumping into the driver’s seat.

Officers frantically pull the door open as the vehicle takes off down the street.

The car slams into a tree before the suspect throws it in reverse and crashes into another tree.

Brown was apprehended at the scene and admitted to a mental health facility for evaluation, STL Today reports.

On Monday, she was charged with felony counts of property damage and stealing a motor vehicle.

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