Wild Videos: Major Brawls Break Out at Football Game, Eatery in Texas

Signs society is spiraling into chaos continue to mount

Image Credits: Screenshots / Twitter.

Major fights broke out at multiple locations in Texas over the weekend as signs society is spiraling into chaos continue to mount.

Footage of mass brawls at both a football game and a popular tourist destination in the Lone Star State have gone viral on social media.

On Friday, a 30-year-old male was arrested after allegedly assaulting a restaurant employee on the River Walk in San Antonio, KENS5 reports.

The man became “upset over the service he received from the staff regarding the food and bill,” police said.

“The suspect began to verbally argue with staff as well as the victim who was a part of the staff.”

Diners and pedestrians can be seen scrambling for safety as multiple people battle with fists, furniture, and projectiles.

Officers eventually broke up the melee and charged the suspect with assault causing bodily injury.

On Saturday, an arena league football game in Odessa descended into bedlam when players began fighting each other — and then tussled with fans.

“An ugly scene tonight as a brawl broke out between the West Texas Warbirds and the Dallas Prime at the end of their indoor football game,” reported local CBS anchor Jakob Brandenburg.

“In this video you can see players going into the stands and fighting with fans.”

“What happened last night was embarrassing, regrettable, and inexcusable. Due to the ongoing criminal investigation, we are unable to provide many details. We are fully cooperating with Ector County Sheriffs Office, as well as Odessa Police. We are confident that once details emerge many items will be cleared up,” the Warbirds said in a statement on Sunday.

No arrested were made at the game, according to reports.

The revolution will not be televised.

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