Wilders Demands Mass Protests Against Islamization of Europe

The gloves are off, says Dutch MP

Image Credits: Australian Liberty Alliance.

Dutch MP and prominent anti-Islam politician, Geert Wilders, is calling for mass demonstrations against the Islamization of Europe after he was banned from touring Molenbeek, Belgium, due to the likelihood of violence his visit would attract.

In a statement following the controversial order by the mayor of Sint-Jans-Molenbeek barring Wilders and a like-minded Belgian politician, Filip Dewinter, Wilders declared it “the last straw,” and voiced his disgust that Islamists have gained enough power in areas of Europe to prevent European politicians from even visiting.

“We must form a resistance, within the boundaries of democracy and without violence of course,” Wilders said. “Enough is enough. The time has come to organize demonstrations and mass demonstrations.”

“These are our countries, and we will have to reconquer them.”

“The Netherlands belong to the Dutch. Belgium belongs to the Belgians. We are not Islamic. We do not accept enclaves on our soil,” he continued. “We have to protect our freedom and identity, and battle the violence and intolerance of radical Muslims and their culture.”

Wilders slammed the current government of the Netherlands, saying that they are engaging in the “politics of suicide” via open borders, even calling Prime Minister Mark Rutte “an ambassador of the Caliphate in the Netherlands.”

Wilders announced that effective immediately, he would spearhead a movement of protests across Holland, saying, “I invite everyone to be present if they want the Netherlands to be ours again. Enough is enough, and the gloves are off.”

Dewinter offered supporting comments as well, saying, “I think this makes very clear that those neighborhoods in Europe are ‘no-go zones.’”

Establishment politicians and mainstream media outlets have tried to downplay or deny the existence of Islamic ‘no-go zones’ across Europe – even calling them a “myth” or an “alt-right fantasy.”

However, Infowars reporters have verified their existence first-hand, investigating Molenbeek shortly after the 2015 Bataclan Theater jihadist attack, before being stalked, intimidated, and chased out by locals.

“We went to the location where the Belgium Special Forces conducted a raid and got the mastermind of the Paris attack… we were in that area, doing some reports and as we decided to leave because of the rain, we were followed by cars – [one] car with three males ages 20 to 25 – screaming… for us to get out of there,” reported correspondent and combat veteran, Joe Biggs, at the time.

Molenbeek has earned a reputation for being the ‘jihadi capital of Europe,’ and has been directly linked to multiple major terrorist attacks on European soil, including the Bataclan Theater massacre in Paris and the Brussels airport and metro bombings.

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