Window is ‘closing fast’ on research into true origin of Covid, warns WHO

China STILL refuses to share data

Image Credits: FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images.

The window of opportunity to uncover the true origins of Covid is closing and could soon be ‘biologically impossible’, a report has warned. 

World Health Organization experts sent to China to learn of how the pandemic began say studies probing most likely theories ‘have stalled’. 

The team say vital research would require looking for traces of the virus in blood samples from some of the earliest patients and animals which wane over time.

Dr. Lee Merritt of joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the COVID-19 bioweapon agenda.

Four months after their initial whitewashed report, the researchers have asked for scientists to go back and conduct a more thorough investigation.

The communist Government in China has stymied all efforts for independent investigations into how the virus first jumped to humans in epicentre Wuhan.  

In an editorial published today in the journal Nature, WHO investigators called on scientists to start looking for data in neighbouring countries to avoid having to rely on transparency from Beijing.

They set out six key avenues for research, including using antibody tests in areas where the first infections were recorded and testing animals and people at farms that supplied Wuhan food markets in a bid to spot earlier Covid cases that have been missed.

The WHO team, which was made up of scientists hand-picked and vetted by China, published its first report in March and could not determine how the virus originated.

It followed a three-week investigation in Wuhan during which the researchers were carefully managed and only given access to certain data. 

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