Winners Have Energy Bills Paid For On ‘Dystopian’ UK Morning Show Game

A true sign of the times

Image Credits: screenshot.

A viral clip from the UK’s This Morning program highlights the average Brit’s struggle to pay energy bills as the globalist Great Reset agenda begins to kick in.

While Europe’s energy problems are being blamed completely on Russia’s war in Ukraine by the majority of news outlets, the left-wing green energy policies put into place at the recommendation of groups like the World Economic Forum receive little to no attention.

This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield played a game with callers from the audience on Monday with prizes including either cash or paying the winner’s electric bills for four months.

A caller in the video clip going viral online was asked if his energy bills were high lately, and the man responded, “Oh, major. I’ve got one of these pre-payment meters and it’s absolutely murder.”

When the spinning wheel used in the game landed on “Energy Bills,” the contestant sighed with relief and blurted, “Oh, my God. Thank you. Fantastic! What a relief. Thank you so much.”

BBC broadcaster Scott Bryan called the scene “dystopian” and compared it to the “Black Mirror” franchise.

Several others echoed the “dystopian” feel of the video.

Meanwhile, an out-of-touch former Tory MP suggested citizens place silver foil behind their radiators to help heat their homes this winter.

Sadly, this is only the beginning of the energy crisis for Europeans and similar issues will soon hit America and Canada.