Witch Screams ‘Balenciaga’ Before Being Burned At The Stake In ‘American Horror Story’ Scene

Strange coincidence or clandestine cult programming?

Image Credits: american horror story: cult - screenshot.

A clip from the hit show “American Horror Story” is going viral this week for its connection to luxury fashion brand Balenciaga, which was outed over the last couple of weeks for running ads promoting pedophilia.

In the scene, released in 2017, a witch who is set to be burned at the stake suddenly shouts, “Balenciaga!”

Legendary comedian “Larry The Cable Guy” is one of many Twitter users who posted the video on Friday.

Larry wrote, “I can’t figure out anymore if movies imitate life or life imitates movies! RT @Xx17965797N: This is a scene from ‘American Horror Story’ where the last words of one of the witches before being burned alive at the stake are none other than ‘Balenciaga!’”

The odd choice of dialogue was dismissed by some television buffs at the time as a “quirky” thing for the witch character to shout, but now that the fashion brand is closely linked to Satanic imagery and people who are infatuated with black magic the whole thing is much more strange.

One Balenciaga advertisement showed the brand name spelled “baalenciaga” on a product the company sells with the name spelled correctly.

When the name is spelled this way and broken down into Latin, the phrase in English reads, “Baal is king.”

Baal is a Demonic deity portrayed as a half-man, half-bull or ram who is worshipped by many occultists and Satanists.

The ordeal went so viral that satire news website The Babylon Bee posted an article joking, “Baal Distances Self From Balenciaga.”

Check out some Infowars coverage of the Balenciaga story for more information: