Woke Microsoft Employees List Pronouns, Race, Hairstyle, Acknowledge Campus Built on Indian Land During Digital Event

Microsoft reaching levels of idiotic woke-ness that shouldn't even be possible.

Image Credits: Microsoft.

Footage emanating from a Microsoft digital event this week shows the company is bending over backwards to appease the woke liberal agenda.

In one clip going viral from the three-day Microsoft Ignite conference, two employees greeted viewers by listing their name and pronouns, as well as their race and their hairstyle.

In a comment to a journalist, Microsoft claimed the physical descriptions were given to “assist with greater accessibility for folks that are blind or have vision impairment,” however, this doesn’t explain why racial labels were also announced.

Another clip from the virtual roundtable showed Microsoft is hyper-aware their campus was built on land previously occupied by several Indian tribes, which they ridiculously go on to list.

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