Woke Poetry Journal Fooled, Publishes Absurd Satirical Poems Written by Right-Wingers

One of which claimed first Irish people were black.

Image Credits: David Soanes Photography via Getty Images.

A prestigious poetry journal in Ireland was tricked into publishing absurdly ‘woke’ but deliberately awful poems written by right-wingers which satirically claimed the first Irish people were black.

Yes, really.

Icarus Magazine, considered to be Trinity College Dublin’s most respected poetry journal, was duped into publishing the fake poems after the college’s student union president-elect Ms Gabi Fullam, an anti-racism activist, appeared to be a little too keen to display her politically correct credentials.

Right-wing Irish news outlet The Burkean decided to troll the journal’s desire to promote “POC and indigenous voices” by sending in poems that were purposefully dreadful to see if they got published simply because they amplified demented far-left race ideologies.

Big surprise; It worked.

“Our writers concocted various alter egos — POC and otherwise — to send in the most woeful poetry imaginable, hoping our diverse credentials would get our literary horrors over the line in the final cut for the Icarus print edition. The results didn’t disappoint,” reports The Burkean.

“To be clear, these contributions are woeful by any metric and fact they were considered for print is an indictment to any artistic rigour practised by Icarus and its stewards.”

“Among the poems printed was an erotic tribute to Ebun Joseph as well as an anti-racist screed by a woman named Adaku Dyport-a-me, documenting structural racism in the Direct Provision system and the fact Ireland’s original inhabitants were a race of black pygmies.”

The following poem was one of the entries that made the cut.

“…The original Irish were black,
You know it
I write it out in verse, we were here first
Hiberniores Hibernis ipsis

Beware the Risen People!”

– Adaku Dyportame

Yes, they actually fell for it.



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