“Woke” Pregnant Man Emojis Could Be Introduced This Year

The level of wokeness today defies logic.

Image Credits: Screenshot.

The next emoji draft list was revealed Thursday by Emojipedia and contained a gender-neutral “person with crown,” interracial handshakes, and what appears to be a mustached “pregnant man.”

Emojipedia blog appears to be highlighting their level of wokeness as they say the mustached pregnant man emoji “recognizes that pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people.” 

The creative minds, especially behind the pregnant man emoji, might be confused since men can’t get pregnant. Perhaps the emoji is just a man with a beer gut experiencing heartburn.

Emoji fans are now voting on their favorite emojis in a draft that ends Saturday. “This isn’t a part of the approval process, just a fun way to gauge which draft emojis people are most keen to use. So get voting, and the winner will be revealed on July 17 aka World Emoji Day,” Emojipedia blog said. 

Here’s the latest draft list of woke emojis. 

Once selected, the most popular emoji will be finalized in September and released on Goggle Pixel in the fourth quarter and on Apple, Twitter, Facebook, and Samsung Galaxy within the first half of 2022. 

Peter Doocy just destroyed the White House’s calls for censorship of disinformation on live TV. Psaki did not see this one coming.

The use of emojis has been soaring worldwide. 

Twitter users mocked the pregnant man emoji: 

The level of wokeness today defies logic. Perhaps it’s time for some people to wake up