Woke Teacher Busted For Grooming, Sexually Assaulting 13-Year-Old at School

Teacher admitted to recording himself sexually assaulting student and sharing footage with another teacher, according to court documents.

Image Credits: Jon Cherry/Getty Images.

A Hawaii teacher admitted to recording himself having sex with a 13-year-old student and sharing the video with another teacher, along with hundreds of other explicit images of child pornography.

Alden Bunag “claimed to have sex with (the boy) at the school during lunch breaks….Described (the boy) as a former student and knew that he was a minor at the time,” according to court documents.

Bunag first appeared in court on Thursday in Honolulu, and remains in custody. His detention hearing is scheduled for June 21.

“That goes to show how a lot of times when people are involved in these kinds of crime, they do think they can get away with it,” former Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin told KHON 2.

“Oftentimes, they have no other contact with a law enforcement system and that shock actually results in a pretty quick confession, which appears to be what happened here,” he added.

Libs of Tik Tok shared screenshots of Bunag’s Twitter account and posts of him angrily responding to claims that teachers who want to teach sex to children are groomers.

“You’re f*cking acting like we want to show kids porn or something,” he wrote, “but something I’ve learned through the years is that whenever right-wingers accuse others of something, it’s DEFINITELY because they’re projecting.”

This disturbing story comes amid the highly debated topic of gender ideology being taught in schools, with dozens of drag queen grooming events taking place in schools and other venues across the country during “Pride Month.”

Democrat officials are prioritizing gender ideology over education, encouraging drag queens to indoctrinate children with “woke” LGBT material.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel went as far as to call for a “drag queen in every school.”

California State Senator Scott Wiener also proposed making “Drag Queen 101” a part of K-12 school curriculum.

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Pedophiles Posing As Educators Caught Having Sex With Students